Community Projects/Giving back

BSW believes in social value and putting back into the communities that we serve. This is achieved in a number of ways.

Our understanding of sustainability and social value

Our understanding of sustainable development is that it is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable development balances social progress, environmental resource protection and economic growth and stability.

We are committed to reducing the impact of our works by a combination of improved efficiency in the use of human and material resources, better logistics, reduction of our carbon footprint and emissions, minimisation of waste and sustainable procurement.

Social sustainability

We strive to operate in an ethical and principled manner. We embrace equality of opportunity within our organisation and encourage advancement of all individuals and we are committed to obtaining as much as possible of our labour and materials resources from Local sources.

Examples of our contribution to social value

Community-hours schemes for BSW staff

  • Staff are encouraged to work 2-4 hours per month, assisting the local community.
  • This are on a voluntary basis or paid by BSW
  • Cashable value to clients and residents– Commercial rate per hour for the work x number of hours per month

Energy efficiency workshops and handouts

  • We provide energy efficiency advice face to face and using handouts
  • Cashable value to residents – Energy saving cost per property x number of properties benefiting

Using BSW operative skills to assist with community works

  • We provide up to 20 hours per month of handyman, plumber, electrician, gas engineer or builders work
  • Cashable value to clients and residents – Commercial rate per hour (£25 - £60) for the work x number of hours per month
  • Non-cashable value – Skills transfer

DIY (building and plumbing) workshops

  • We hold workshops to teach community members the rudiments of works within our skills sets
  • Cashable value to residents– Proportion of commercial rate per hour for the work x number of hours per month
  • Cashable value to clients– Provision of the same service at commercial rates per hour for the work x number of hours per month
  • Non-cashable value to residents– Skills transfer

Leaseholder services

  • We provide our services to leaseholders at the same rate as client tenants + an administration fee
  • Cashable value to leaseholders – Approximately 30-60% saving on commercial 3-star contracts for individual homeowners
  • Non-cashable value to residents– Local infrastructure, speed and high service level
  • Non-cashable value to clients– Minimisation of H&S risk within properties at close proximity to tenanted homes

Examples of community projects

  • Reading Borough Council – Refurbishment of community centre at no cost
  • Bracknell Forest Homes - Refurbishment of community centre at no cos
  • Newlon, MHT and Roundshaw Homes - fun days with food and drinks
  • Moat annual residents conference – Prize draw gifts from BSW
  • Wealden District Council – Work opportunity day

Monitoring impact

We obtain feedback from all stakeholders to these services by the following methods:

  • One-to-one meetings with residents
  • Feedback from clients
  • Feedback from community representatives