Gas Servicing & Compliance

BSW is GasSafe qualified to deliver all gas works. Our certificate is available to
download here.

We achieve and maintain 100% compliance on our contracts by a combination of state of the art IT, robust systems and processes, talented staff and a strong partnership with all our client partners. We deliver the following:

Production of programme and letters and appointment system

We manage the service programmes for ALL our clients, providing secure delivery of appointments to 80,000 properties, using a 2 or 3 letter and visit system verified and triangulated by electronic data and vehicles monitored online by trackers. Service programmes are generated electronically from our database in compliance with clients’ access processes and then planned in a geographically efficient manner. The programmes are then fine tuned by our planners.

Service management database

BSW uses a bespoke service management database for logging and control of all work and service programming using our dynamic scheduler.

Bespoke Real Time mobile Data Systems

BSWs entire workflow generation processes are electronic. Job, appliance and LGSR data is captured on the PDA’s and relayed back into our databases in real-time by the use of GPRS technology.

Electronic documentation + Vehicle Tracking

BSW uses a bespoke programme for the electronic transmission of job data, and all certificates. LGSRs are supplied to our partners on disc or by daily and weekly e-mail. They can also be printed and / or downloaded from our client’s on-line databases. All vehicles are electronically tracked 24 hrs per day.

Automated SMS text messaging

BSW has in place an automated system by which all service appointments are confirmed by SMS text messages or by telephone call for residents who do not possess mobile telephones. The SMS text messages contain clients’ resident FREEPHONE number, as well as full details of the appointment, including date and time of day.

Bespoke Dynamic Scheduling and control of different work types

Our Dynamic Scheduling system controls work streams and allocates jobs to appropriate technicians based on property type / work type / qualifications / dedicated operatives / geography / time and length of previous job.