(Medical and Educational Aid to Kenya)

Since 1996 BSW has supported MEAK with donations, goods and services in the region of £25000 per annum.

A small charity which organises and funds life changing heart, eye and orthopaedic operations in some of the poorest parts of Kenya. So far a total of 348 children have received life saving open heart surgery and 7500 people have had their eyesight returned as a result of MEAK’S work.

Emma Hoolin - Neuroblastoma

As part of our 50 year anniversary the BSW Heating Ltd Board of Directors wanted to support a worthwhile cause or project.

Emma Hoolin is a four year old girl who was diagnosed with High Risk Neuroblastoma; this is rare form of childhood cancer. Emma has been undergoing aggressive treatment at Manchester Royal Children’s Hospital since February 2011. To have the best chances of survival she will need a further 6 months of immunotherapy.

In the UK, Emma will be part of a random trial that will decide at the penultimate stage of treatment what drugs she will receive. In the US Emma can receive proven life saving Immunotherapy treatment. Emma is currently in Philadelphia United States, receiving this treatment and is reported to be responding well.

As a company we have so far raised £11,800. We organized a sponsored walk which raised approximately GBP 2,000 and are in the process of arranging other events to raise more money.